Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone I hope everyone is ready for the new year. Do you and your family have something you do every year. We usually stay home and watch a movie or just spend time together as a family. I have a beef brisket marinading in the fridge I got the recipe off of it looks like it will be wonderful for New Years Day and I have my blackeyed peas to cook we always have those on New Years day. I didn't get any comments back on my last post which was also my first post so please let me hear from you if you have a topic you want to discuss or just to stop by to say hi. I need to take one of my sons to work so I hope you all have a safe and happy News Years Eve and a very blessed year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My First Post

Hello everyone I am so excited to finally be blogging. I have wanted to blog for a while but kept talking myself out of it. I hope to be able to share bits of my day with you and I hope to hear from you also. I am starting off by telling you all that my top resolutions are to have a closer relationship with God. Which means I need to get up in the mornings ready to have my devotion and put into practice what I learn. Next I have got to eat better I need to lose about 23 pounds and exercise so I need you guys to keep me accountable. I am a sugar addict and I love chocolate those are my downfalls. You know somthing about me now I want to hear from some of you. Bye Bye for now.