Sunday, December 30, 2007

My First Post

Hello everyone I am so excited to finally be blogging. I have wanted to blog for a while but kept talking myself out of it. I hope to be able to share bits of my day with you and I hope to hear from you also. I am starting off by telling you all that my top resolutions are to have a closer relationship with God. Which means I need to get up in the mornings ready to have my devotion and put into practice what I learn. Next I have got to eat better I need to lose about 23 pounds and exercise so I need you guys to keep me accountable. I am a sugar addict and I love chocolate those are my downfalls. You know somthing about me now I want to hear from some of you. Bye Bye for now.

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Tony M said...

Well, the only resolution I've made is to smile more. Not that fake, pasted-on Barbie (well, Ken in my case) smile, you know- the one you use to make people think things are going well but you feel rotten inside, but a genuine smile. That means the underlying "smile stuff" - truly, genuinely joyful, happy, whatever. If I can achieve that, I think I'll have achieved a lot!