Friday, June 11, 2010


I watched a video by Francis and Lisa Chan last night it was mostly Lisa talking to wives on how we are to act, what our purpose is to be as wives, and how we can please God by following the steps he has so carefully layed out for us in his word. I have been married 25 years the end of this month and I really don't think I ever really have understood what the role of the wife truly is. I just knew I wanted to be married have children be a mother and have my perfect little family with a husband who would adore me and I him but then real life sets in and it might not always look the way in which you envisioned your life turning out. God loves us so much and has laid out for us how we should strive to be with his help of course but because of our humaness and sinfulness we choose to do things our way even when things aren't working out the way we would like. As women we have a unique ministry as wives. We are to be helpmates to our husbands we are to be an extension of them. We are to honor and respect our husbands even when we don't feel like it or feel they deserve it. We are to be submissive to them I loved the way Lisa said that our goal is to honor God because our husbands may not always motivate or act in a way that would cause you to want to honor and submit to him. God has given us to our husbands to be his helpmate it is not good for him to be alone. We are to be his cheerleader we are to be for him not against him. The safest place for you to be is in the will of God and the will of God is to submit to your husband. We have to learn to die to ourselves. She said she loves submission because it is what sets christian women apart from the world. It is a way we can attract people to Christ by the way we treat our husbands. We are to live in humility. We are to first live in total submission to God. The world will saturate us with women need their own identity, power but our identity is in Christ and we don't need to have power over our husbands. If you would like to see this video go to google and search Francis and Lisa Chan Christ Centered Relationships 2. This gives us alot to think on and I pray you will be changed by it as I have been.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stormy Weather

Yes, we are having some rough weather today. It makes for a nice day to just get cozy with a book and hang out inside. I still have a few things that need to get done number 1 being I have to get to the grocery store at some point before 3:30 when my dear hubby needs the car to go to work. If the weather could just hold off for a little bit so I could get my errands done then everything will be fine. We have been going through some trying times in our family at present but we are putting our trust and faith in Jesus to see us through. We covet your prayers my husband has found a job and I am trying to either get my Premier Jewelry Business back up and running or find some par time work in order to bring in some much needed extra income. I hope today finds you and your family doing well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

My New Job

Hi friends I know I have been absent for some time but I plan to try and keep up on a more regular basis. Yes, I have a new job if you can even call it a job. I am a Jewelry Lady with Premiere Designs High Fashion Jewelry. I get to give away free jewelry to hostesses that host in home jewelry shows. I am so excited my training show will be the Monday after next October 12 at 6:30 pm at the Clubhouse at Madison Park Apts. I will be the hostess of this show and my mother (that is what we call our sponser) Mrs Callie Lusk will do the party for me I am so excited I hope to have a great turnout. You can totaly change your look by just adding a few pieces of jewelry. I feel God has given me this opportunity to make some much needed extra money, as well as establish close friendships with other christian women. Just wanted to pop in and give an update hope all are doing well talk to you soon I hope. Everyone is invited to my show if you are in the area please feel free to come on by.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi Guys I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I hope we will all have a happy as well as a prosperous new year. I wanted to let you know of a business I have found to do from home its called Send Out Cards. Its a wonderful business that you can use for your personal life and also for your business. It helps you to stay in touch with family and friends, it can also help with follow up with clients in your business. You choose a card from our thousands of cars on our website you type in your message (even in your own handwriting)we stuff it, stamp it, and send it out for you. You can use this for just personal use or you can show sign up to share this with others. Pleas visit my websites at, or go to the banner on the top and click on set up a free gift account. A recording will come on and walk you through sending out a card. I hope everyone has a great week.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Being A Godly Parent

I am in need of prayer. I feel as if I have done a disservice to my youngest son in that I don't feel I have parented him the way in which I parented my two older children. There is a 10 year difference in age between him and my oldest son. He was an after vasectomy baby a total suprise gift. I feel I have not emersed him enough in Gods word. I have not always shown him a good example of Christ and how to treat others with love and acceptance. He is my responsibility and I have not gone about raising him with the same drive I did my others. He has a very controlling personality and he can be very loving when he wants to. He is very guarded with his emotions when around others unless it is dislike or disdain he seems to show that very clearly to others. I am going to start today praying for him trying to be a better example. I am going to try to find a good Bible Study that we can do together that teaches love of others. I need to be more disciplined with him in what he is allowing into his mind. I myself need to do the same for myself. I love all my children and I want to raise them in a way that pleases my Heavenly Father.