Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Being A Godly Parent

I am in need of prayer. I feel as if I have done a disservice to my youngest son in that I don't feel I have parented him the way in which I parented my two older children. There is a 10 year difference in age between him and my oldest son. He was an after vasectomy baby a total suprise gift. I feel I have not emersed him enough in Gods word. I have not always shown him a good example of Christ and how to treat others with love and acceptance. He is my responsibility and I have not gone about raising him with the same drive I did my others. He has a very controlling personality and he can be very loving when he wants to. He is very guarded with his emotions when around others unless it is dislike or disdain he seems to show that very clearly to others. I am going to start today praying for him trying to be a better example. I am going to try to find a good Bible Study that we can do together that teaches love of others. I need to be more disciplined with him in what he is allowing into his mind. I myself need to do the same for myself. I love all my children and I want to raise them in a way that pleases my Heavenly Father.

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cecily said...

I just saw this post. (I haven't been blog reading in a long time, and was catching up this week on those on my list.) It breaks my heart to read this, and to hear your regret -- but, I can empathize, because I feel the same way about my kids. Why didn't I immerse them more in the Word? Why haven't I done a better job leading by example? Why haven't I nipped bad habits -- smart mouth, quick temper, angry words -- in the bud? (I'm talking about myself on that last one!) So, I hear ya'. Something to think about: I think we, as parents, are more critical of our children's faults than others are.

It's been two months since you wrote this. Did you find a Bible study for you two to do together? Have you started yet? How's it going?

If you haven't gotten started yet, see this comment as encouragement to get going! :-) Think of me as your accountability partner!

I love you, Sister!