Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Lords Day

Today is the Lords Day. I did not make it to church I stayed home with 2 of my sons. I really do miss fellowshiping and learning from Gods word. I want to make a conscious effort to be more accountable to attending church on a more regular basis. To make the effort to get myself ready and go because I know I will be blessed and I might possibly be able to bless someone else. I love my church and I love my pastor and Sunday School class. I am really going to try to make it to the Wednesday night service. On a different note it is very important for us to use our time wisely especially when it comes to our families and friends. The tragedy that happened last week to the Steven Curtis Chapman family really puts life into perspective for us. We never know when a loved one may be called home and we want to make every day count. Tell your husband and family members daily how much you love them and how special they are to you. Put the Lord first place in your life daily and have a great week.


LisaM said...

Oh, I hope you get to make it to be together with other Christians - as you say, you "never know" when you may encourage someone else, or may receive a blessing you weren't expecting. Of course, these aren't the only reasons to meet together to praise God together, but mutual encouragement is always good.

Thanks for the encouragement here, by the way, to appreciate the loved ones that we usually take for granted. :)

Jennifer said...

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Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

HI! I wanted you to know that I got your prayer request this morning and prayed for you right away. Please keep me posted on how it is going. I will continue to pray for you!
God Bless!