Sunday, March 16, 2008

Setting Priorities

Today was a glorious day it was beautiful weather and it was the Lords day. I read over at Divine she was writing about how we can get sidetracked from our duties as wives and mothers. We can get sidetracked by things that in and of themselves are good I know for me this is so true. She gives examples of healthy eating, blogging etc. I know for me I do get extremely sidetracked with these things and more. I believe we were put here to be our husbands wives and helpmates and our childrens mothers nurturing, training, and teaching them. After God these are our top priorities and I for one don't always have this in the right order. I know this is a short post today and I haven't written in a while but I will be back to blogging really soon.

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LisaM said...

Your thoughts here sound familiar. Keep the straight paths! :)