Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Striving to live simply

I am learning many homemaking task that I some how missed growing up. I am learning how to clean properly, cook new and different foods, how to knit,and to sew. I would love to learn how to maybe grow a small garden nothing big. I am sort of a homebody and really have to make myself be sociable. But I do feel we all need really good girl friends we can talk and share things with. My mother was a sahm she is great she cooked, and cleaned and took care of all of us 3 girls and my dad who was a physician and worked lots of nights. I am sure I had many opportunities to learn these skills I probably just wasn't really interested. I am now though and I am on my journey to learn. I also feel that along the way at least for me we have lost the art of being feminine acting like ladies and I for one am going to change some things in my actions and in my dress. We have the ability to be lovely and feminine and I believe that is how God wants us to be. I have so much stuff all around my house things I should get rid of and some things I can sell. It is just a matter of going through things. These are just some random thoughts on how I can begin to live a more simple life.

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LisaM said...

You are a kindred spirit! I'll think of you in my prayer tonight, and we can grow up into proper ladies "together". hehe :)