Sunday, January 6, 2008

Changes for the New Year

This new year there are several things I would personally like to incorporate into my life. I would like to get on some type of a schedule of waking up at a certain time everyday having a quiet time with God ( not rushed), exercise, eat breakfast and feel I have accomplished some important things by lunch. I would like to get my children to be more responsible and have specific chores that are theirs. I would like to get them to do them daily where it just becomes a habit and I don't have to remind or ask them to do it. I have a home management binder that I started but I really don't follow it I almost need someone to come in and say you will do this on this day and this on that day etc. The same with my weight I want to lose between 20 - 25 pds. Somedays I do pretty good but I always snack before bed and I don't always do really well at dinner especially. Sometimes I think I want to do Weight Watchers but then I think well I'll just eat healthier and smaller portions I have a ton of weight loss books and ultimately they all come down to the same thing don't take in more then you need or more than you can work off. I become very overwhelmed because I believe I am a mindless eater and I would just like to have some clarity as to what to do. Anyway thanks for letting me vent. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful day in Gods house.

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