Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hi Everyone

Hi everybody I hope you have all had a good first of the week. We have had a pretty quiet one here. We are supposed to be getting some heavy rain in tonight. I feel like I accomplished at least one task today I got quite a bit of laundry finished and I steamed all the clothes I had on hangers. I still have 2 baskets well really 1 1/2 baskets of clean clothes that need to be steamed:( I made a really good chicken and stuffing casserole I got off Copperswife Xanga blog. I do enjoy reading blogs from women of like minds. I am really determined to get my house organized this year and get rid of the junk and the extra's that just seem to take up space. I have a home management binder I just have not really used it yet. I also have a binder filled with the flylady tips but I don't really use it either and I myself have no plan. What I need to do is to take bits and pieces of all of these and arrange them to fit my life. Will I ever do it who knows. I hope everyone has a blessed evening and a good Wednesday.

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