Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend. I sit here looking at chores that need to be done and making a mental list of what to do first. My topic for today is how to live on this planet we call earth yet not be of it. How do we live in the world but not be of the world? The Lord has blessed this nation with so many things so much prosperity. So many conveniences that we just take for granted. Should we blend in like everyone else christian and non christian alike or should it be in our actions and words that make us different? What are your thoughts? Should we be just like everyone else participate in the same activities dress in the styles that are most popular. Watch the same movies, read the same books. What sets us apart what makes us different what makes us a peculiar people? How do we set our selves apart and not become legalistic as some would say? I think about this topic alot. I know that just having the Holy Spirit indwelling in us makes us different but why is it that so many unbelievers cannot see enough of a differnce in our lives to want what we have. Why are we so critical of others when we are not any different then them. I feel we make a choice daily do I fit in or do I die to my desires and live the way God would have me live today. I want to please God not the world. I know this can be hard at times but if we just trust the Lord I believe he will bring into our lives other people of like minds. Please let me know what your feelings are on this subject.

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LisaM said...

I agree with you, and I think about this a lot too. Some people are afraid that if we come across as "weird" then we will turn them away from the truth. And yet, it is just that "peculiarity" that draws others, like us. If we blend in, then how are we not "of the world"? We will stand out, whether we like it or not.

As I wrote on my blog today, when we stand out and do something different, many people who are "of the world" will ridicule us. But those who stand firm to the end - they will renew their strength, and at the same time help to light the way for others who are on this "narrow path." Even when we don't know everything, and we stumble and fall. The world is watching. I believe that the hearts that are seeking the Truth will see it in us when we live it out - even if we feel "weird". I have to keep reminding myself, didn't they also think that Jesus and the apostles were "weird"? And as He said, I am not above Him.

May you be able to stand firm today and always!