Friday, February 1, 2008

Weight Loss

Tonight I have really come to the end of my rope. I am tired of eating junk its my own fault I love sweets and I love to make baked goods. I weigh more now than I have every weighed and I need to get a handle on my addiction to sugar. Can anyone suggest a way of weaning off the stuff I am not really thrilled with fake sugars. I need some ideas on how to eat healthier. I am very interested in nutrition and I want to fill my temple with healthy good food. I have some picky eaters in my house but I feel we all need a change. I am also trying to look at my whole self I am 43 what are somethings that I should be doing as far as skincare etc. I have started walking on the treadmill for about 20 minutes a day but I would like to try pilates and work on my core does anyone have any suggestions of dvd's or tapes that are good. I am about 25 pds. more than I want to be its not morbidly obese but my bmi is to high for my body size. Anyway I just felt like venting and would appreciate any suggestions anyone would like to post.


Mama Bear June said...

Hi, Dru! I am a BIG advocate of the Abs Diet for Women book. It has lists of good, healthy foods. High protein that keeps you feeling full for hours. And it's GOOD food. Get your sugar the natural way, from fresh fruits. (Dark chocolate is also high in monounsaturated fats, so it's good for you - also an allowed food on the Abs Diet!) :-D

Drinking lots of water really helps the skin. I'm 47 and lots of people have been telling me I look younger every day. I really think the amount of water I drink (it's a LOT) and the healthy diet and the daily walking I do all contribute. Cutting out red meat and caffeine is what made a drastic difference with my skin. I had rosacea before I made all the healthy changes. And I use Oil of Olay cleaners and moisturizer. :-)
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LisaM said...

Fruits. Veggies. Water.

I found that once I started - and you just have to do it - you really are able to let go of the imitation sugars that you've learned to depend on. Juices, mix your own fruit smoothies (throw in some leafy greens while you're at it - you'll be surprised), fresh fruit and veggie snacks. I'm not completely there either, but it helps to have these things on hand, and just don't have the other there to choose from! (I also keep a small stash of dark chocolate on hand, for those craving times - grin)