Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am interested in modesty, womens health, nutrition, beauty. I am striving to live a more simple life. I am looking to do some type of a job from home. I have and still am looking at doing data entry jobs and I have done one but they are really few and far between. I homeschool my youngest and whatever I do I don't want my family to feel neglected. I have done some of the MLM home businesses for women in the past but really did not work them as they should be worked. I have become friends with a women who does one of these and has spoked to me about trying it again. I am feeling very conflicted about this and yes I have prayed about it but still have know definite answer I have spoken to my husband and children still without a definite answer. Can anyone out there give me any insight into this or do you have any ideas for businesses for Christian women from home Thanks and please leave me a comment.

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Jane said...

I can't give you any sage advice on work-from-home opportunities -- still seeking those myself! :) But I can offer this bit of wisdom, from personal experience: Do not sign up for any MLM program unless you are completely SOLD on the product yourself. It has to be something you just love, that you really think others will love, and that you completely believe in yourself.

Basically, you need to be passionate about the product. That's the key to success in the MLM world, except for those folks who are born salespeople who could sell snow to Eskimos. :)

As soon as I return this book to the library, you should check it out: "Living the Simple Life," by Elaine St. James. I'm afraid it's overdue... so I guess I'd better get it back pronto.

(P.S. We missed you today!)