Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I hope you are having a great Valentines Day. I have been reading different blogs recently and one I was directed to from another one was talking about how are bodies were made for work. How complacent and inactive we as a whole have become. I know for me that is so true. We have all the newest things to make our lives easier yet we are still stressed. We have remotes for the tv so we don't have to get up, we have dishwashers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners all these things to help make life easier but do they really. I know for me I don't move enough we should not have idle hands we need to be doing productive things with our lives our days. I know for me this really got me thinking. I am a big procrastonator when it comes to house cleaning or really anything that is not my favorite but I just need to do it no excuses. I also think that as ladies we should try everyday to look nice and take pride in our appearance. I know I also could do better in this department it not only helps our outlook on life but it is somthing we can do for our husbands and family. These are just some random thoughts if any of them spoke to you leave me a comment.


LisaM said...

Good random thoughts - and I agree with you: we sometimes get lazy, thinking that we don't have to think or work. But both of these are a blessing to us, because they bring us closer to God's design for us! Keep thinking, working and living in the Lord! :)

Jane said...

As someone who spends so much of her time surfing the web... yes, I can relate to the idea that we are a lazy generation. When I think about how drastically different my life is from my grandmother's life, all because of the technology that's now available to me, it boggles my mind.

Now, when it comes to our appearance... I confess that a lot of times, especially when Hubs is out of town on business and I know I don't have anywhere to go, I can very easily spend the entire day in my jammies or sweats. Of course, I'd have to hide behind the kids or pretend I'm not home if the doorbell rang... at those moments, I am in panic mode.

I also realize that I accomplish even less than usual on those days.

I was recently cruising through the FlyLady site, which is dedicated to helping women like me get organized. Interestingly, one of her very first "baby steps" for overcoming chaos in your life is to get ready for the day as soon as you get up. Right down to putting on those lace-up shoes, so you won't be tempted to simply slip them off and slip back under the covers later. :) (Not that I ever do that....)

I thought that was strange, that this would be one of the first things she recommends you do in your quest for a more organized life.

So, I've been trying it out. In fact, it was one of my New Year goals, to develop a habit of getting dressed right away. I'll confess, it hasn't become a habit yet (my favorite winter jammies are just so comfy!!), but on the days I follow this advice, I do find that I get a LOT more done. I don't know -- I just become more productive somehow!

And, I'm not afraid of the doorbell!

OK, so that's maybe not quite you were meaning -- you probably get up and get dressed right away every day. :) Maybe that's just me.

But Elizabeth George, in "A Woman After God's Own Heart," also encourages us to look our best for our husbands when they come home at the end of the day. I know my husband appreciates it... but the added benefit is that I feel better, and so I act better. You know, when I feel like I'm looking pretty, I tend to act pretty (i.e., kind, gentle, sweet).